Montana has a drug problem

Did you know that the State of Montana has a growing heroin problem. Even though Montana is damn near all white, Montana has a drug epidemic. So the stereo-type that the black neighbor hoods are the places in America with a drug problem is a lie. In fact the white neighborhoods, have problems Meth, and lesser known drugs. The difference is they don't have people in the community making rap videos, and glorifying their drug dealings.Blacks have made it very difficult to justify equal rights by promoting violence, and drug use. However, there is still no doubt that White America is no where near as squeaky clean as the KKK, and the Skin head down low faggots, would have you believe. But perception is reality.
Now I can bet you, we will never hear Bill Oreilly mention the drug epidemic in Montana. If it had been Chicago, or Philadelphia, he would use that as an excuse to shoot every black man in America, Trayvon Martin Style.