kkk says Black women want to be White

This what the  KKK website had to say about Black Women and non White Women
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VeraSidikaRecentStudies have shown that little black girls prefer white dolls over black dolls.  And one can readily see the enormous lengths that black (and darker skinned Mexican) actresses will go to appear whiter.   In India bleaching creams are widely popular. In Iran, nose jobs are purchased by the majority of women.  And in parts of the orient, it is increasingly popular to alter the almond shaped eye to appear more Western (white).
It is unfortunate as each race should be pleased with the way God made them. However, it does show that most regard the beauty of white females to be desirable and in turn whites are supposed to feel guilty as if they are imposing their standards of beauty on the rest of the world.
A young woman in Kenya is in the news for spending almost $170,000 on skin lightening treatments.  She is Kenya’s version of Kim Kardashian.