Concerning the Renisha McBride trial: (Victor Morrow's take)

Victor Morrow's take on the Renisha McBride killing
I hate to sound like the most negative person in the world. By I do believe this may end up being another Trayvon Martin situation. All this dude has to do is say she appeared to be a threat to him, and more than likely the jury will side with him. The truth is America sees every Black person as a threat. So the jury will more than likely see it his way. If we try to defend ourselves, it's not called self defense, it's called murder.
I wouldn't be surprised if Theodore Wafer was set free, and our people do nothing because we have already forgotten about the trial.
We are the most forgetful people on the planet. We are only mad about something for a week, and after that we're back to drinking Ciroc and killing each other.
There is no justice for our people, because there is no respect, for our people, by our people.
When Theodore Wafer shot and killed Renisha McBride, he was not worried at all about having to serve a day in jail, because he knew that the system would protect him.
So now the argument for the defense is gonna be, she was drunk, and high, and this is the reason why he killed her, because he was fearful.