Racism in politics

From www.Fair.org

Evidence that racism is thriving in the US arrives on a regular basis. There are the ongoing stories of institutional racism that media often fail to frame as being about racism: underfunded schools, drug wars, sentencing differentials, stop and frisk, lending disparities–the list goes on and on.
There are also the episodic stories that media are usually more comfortable with–because they're shorter,  come with names attached, can be treated as isolated incidents and often leave the reader or viewer with a feeling that the problem is at least being addressed.  But even these stories, depending on who the bigots are, often go begging in corporate media newsrooms.
John Huppenthal
John Huppenthal: Arizona school superintendent by day, racist blogger by night.


Take the recent revelation that Arizona superintendent of schools John Huppenthal has been posting online racist screeds for years under assumed names (Arizona Republic,6/25/14). Writing anonymously on Arizona's law penalizing employers for hiring undocumented workers, Huppenthal commented: "We have a whole lot fewer Caucasians working now that the Hispanics have left. But, crime is much lower. No money and no one is stealing it