The Family of 19-Year Old Keith Warren Found Hung on a Tree 29 Years Ago in 1986 Seeks to Have Case Re-Opened

Washington, DC — Sean Bell. Amadou Diallo. Trayvon Martin. Keith Warren. These four men and countless others have no familial or formal relationships, but their lives are interconnected as they each were victims of a grave miscarriage of justice by those who were to protect and serve their communities.

On July 30, 1986, the lives of the Warren Family, their friends, and Montgomery County Maryland community would be impacted forever as they were informed of tragic news that Keith Warren – their ambitious 19-year old son, brother, cousin, and friend – was found hung on a tree. After a brief (less than 24 hours) and “reckless” investigation, Keith’s death was ruled a suicide by the Montgomery Police Department.

On the family’s web site at, there are documents/texts which outline some of the pressing issues still left unanswered and unproven. For example, how can a man nearly 6 feet and 5 inches tall suspend himself in a tree that was double-bent twice his weight? Why was the same tree that his body was found on cut down shortly thereafter? Why? Furthermore, and the question that has caused them to really raise their voices again on behalf of Keith is; how is an official investigation and ruling found legitimate if it is based on falsified allegations and hearsay? In short, the family says that the investigating detective used information from unnamed, unrelated, and unverified sources to rule Keith’s death a suicide 5 hours prior to notification of next of kin.