Ferguson is a test for the Black Community

All of the rioting and burning down stores all across the country, will not bring back Mike Brown.
I believe the government has been testing the Black Community for the past four years, to see how we will react. The KKK posted a message online, stating that they were prepared for rioters.
Also, it has been exposed that the demonstration was lead by provocateurs who were planted to ignite a fire.
Going into 2015 it is evident that some Black People just don't get it. There is no justice in America for us. That's why the Whites immediately believed the Testimony of Ofc. Wilson.
The ignorance of our people is scary. They expect justice from the police, when the police was a KKK organization from the beginning.
Why ask for justice in a unjust country?
Their version of justice is slavery for us. We need to know and understand that we are not the same, and we never will be.