Just a thinking about Black America and the Soul Train Awards

Not to be hating. I just felt like saying this...
Black people are easily distracted, we go from pissed off about the Ferguson situation, to happy about the Soul Train Awards. I'm watching how these people just seem so overly happy about life. I guess when you bend over for the Illuminati you can learn to fake it.
All of the Women are have too much damn make up on, and all of the men on there look gay.
Everyday I am reminded that my people are lost sheep, looking up to celebrities that don't give a damn about them.
That Ferguson situation was just another test, to see where our people are. We are still in the dark, and they are constantly killing our young men, and raping our women and getting away with it. But nothing matters to us except celebrity gossip.
How many people know that the KKK, and other racists White Power groups are training in the woods with live ammunition, preparing for this up coming race war, that they are going to start.
Our people are lost in the B.S
Every year they take the test a step further and they will continue until we finally get pissed enough to go to war. The bad part is we will not be prepared for war. While they are training, our people are getting high, and killing each other. Prepared for war we are not.
What we prepared for ? The BET Awards