The Mike Brown trial brings out the racism in America

There has been a lot of racists comments coming from white people in regards to the Mike Brown shooting. What I have been saying for quite some time now, is that deep down inside, White people don't see us as men and women, they see us as Monkey niggers, that are only good for generating money into their American economy via entertainment.

Yesterday I listened to Alex Jones who is supposed to be some kind of hero for all of America, defending this racist cop. Whenever white people get in trouble Jones CIA ass is quick to call it a New World Order plot, or a police state. But when it's a Black man he says we need to calm down, and racism is just something that the media is pushing.

I keep telling Blacks and Latinos, in this country that we are not the same as those Whites. Do not buy into their bullshit. They are just lying to us to keep us in slavery. Wake up the system was created for White people, by white people.