Missouri LT. Governor Sees Obama and Holder as Uppity Niggers

Some real uppity going on in this picture.
Some real uppity going on in this picture. OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSEPHOTO BY CHUCK KENNEDY

An unarmed black male is killed, a predominately black suburb erupts, and it's eventually revealed by the Department of Justice that white police officers and judges were aggressively, obsessively milking the poor and middle-class black citizens of this suburb with fines and fees. ("In 2013, the municipal court in Ferguson—a city of 21,135 people—issued 32,975 arrest warrants for nonviolent offenses, mostly driving violations.") As if all of this were not enough, on Sunday, March 15, Missouri lieutenant governor Peter Kinder told Fox News that Attorney General Eric Holder (a black man) incited “the mob” by exposing the facts about Ferguson's justice system. But he did not end with that. He couldn't help himself. You see, he does not see himself as a racist. He is a hardworking American who believes in a balanced view of things. Holder needs to see both sides of this story. There is a white cop side and a black thug side. This is how non-racists like him do it: look at the whole picture and make a sound judgement. In a mirror, Kinder can only find the very image of common sense.