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If Obama is Assassinated we will all know why

Some of you may have forgotten about Andrew Adler's article in the Atlanta Jewish Times where he openly called for the assassination of President Obama back 2012. Adler said that if President Obama, does not go to war with Iran than he should be assassinated and replaced by a more Jew friendly President. Note: These fake ass Israeli's know that they are not the real Jews, and they are constantly trying to defend their lying ass government. 
So now if he is assassinated we may know why. Every since this article came out, President Obama's Secret Service has been questionable at the very least. It seems as if every week there is a new security breach of some sort. I am convinced that this could be a set up by those fake ass Jews to kill Obama and make it seem as if it was some sort of a security issue or a hick up. Not to say that I agree with everything that Obama does, I'm just saying that we should be aware of this situation. I believe in my heart that the President's life is in real danger. 
Read what Andrew Adler said :
Israel should send Mossad agents to assassinate President Barack Obama because of his anti-Israel policies, the owner of a US Jewish newspaper wrote in an article that drew widespread condemnation on Friday.
Andrew Adler, the publisher of The Atlanta Jewish Times, wrote a column that appeared in his newspaper on January 13 in which he argued killing the president might be justified because he posed a threat to the Jewish state.