The KKK responds to the South Carolina Killings


The Huffington Post ran an article (June 18th) shortly after the senseless shooting in Charleston, South Carolina noting that men and women around the country who are aligned with the white resistance wanted to “distance themselves” from the barbarous act. And it is for good reason.We represent thousands of good, loving, decent, men and women, and families, who find the murders of innocent people, in a church no less, to be unjustified and morally reprehensible! The actions of Dylan Roof are to be condemned by every liberty loving American. He receives no sympathies here.This satanic act will be used to promote white guilt. Masses of white people will be manipulated by the media into thinking white people are going around the country shooting down black people. This is done so white people will be afraid to identify with groups who embrace a love for our people. You can love your people without hating others.White people are used as a scape goat for the problems within theth (1) black community. As Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, known  for his strong support of the 2nd Amendment and tough stance toward crime, pointed out on the O’Reilly Factor, while he doesn’t claim to speak for all blacks, he believes there is more to fear from other blacks than from so-called hate groups. Claiming there are hate groups going around the country targeting non-whites is demagogy.Also consider, as horrible as this was, there are millions of white people who this very night cannot walk safely down the streets of Memphis, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Nashville, Pittsburg, Cleveland and many other cities of America. Millions of white people have had to flee the cities of their birth and can no longer walk down the streets of their childhood.An underlying problem in America is the lack of law and order and civilized behavior. Whether it is the national media’s incessant lynching of law enforcement, or the implications put out by groups like #blacklivesmatter or race baiters such as Tim Wise, that all white people live a privileged life, white people, young and old, are held responsible for the sins of society and law enforcement is seen as their whipping boy.Law and order must be upheld again in America. Taking the lives of innocent people will always be held in contempt and remains contrary to the vision of our the founding fathers and mothers of this dear republic; a vision we hold in high regard.