Microsoft 10 Automatic Spying cannot be stopped says Microsoft

From Before it's
Once AGAIN, all those screaming “Conspiracy Theorist” at those us telling you Windows 10 is spying on your EVERY move have been proven correct. Now in a recent article in Forbes, Microsoft confirms as much. That makes it something like:
Conspiracy Theorists: 1,345,002
The Uninformed: 1
Or do the uninformed have 2 now? I always forget. 
For everyone out there thinking to themselves, or telling others they have “nothing to worry about,” because they don’t do anything illegal such as downloading pirated songs or movies, here’s a question: What makes you think the spying has anything to do with illegal activity? Were the Tea Party groups that have been under constant harassment from IRS doing anything illegal simply by trying to support conservative candidates? If you ask Emperor Obama they were.