I'm Glad Remy Ma Destroyed Nikki Manaj


I am so tired of this fake ass hip hop BS !   Finally real rap music is back again. Should we feel sorry for Nikki ? Hell no ! She deserved it. Sooner or later the fake has to be exposed. 
Remy is no longer a rapper, she is now a hero to Hip Hop. 
For years we have dealt with this bullshit ass Young Money era . I grew so sick and tired of fake rappers with ghost writers claiming to be the best, knowing that they weren't.  As far as I'm concerned we should be celebrating in the streets and taking rap music back from these mumble mouth, no lyrics having, bi-sexual, ghost writer having ass suckas !
No More bullshit rap. I hope Remy Ma has set the standard and put the rest of these lames on notice. If you not writing your own music than don't try to claim to be the best.