I have heard so many rumors about Obama while he was in office. One was he was the Anti-Christ. Some people even said he would not ever leave office and that he would stage World War 3.  Months after President Obama departed the White House and moved on with his life, I still see these crazy ass people online still speaking as if Obama is in office. They are talking like Trump is being tied down by Obama and beaten to death. The funny thing is Trump and the Republicans have control of the House and are still failing.
Trumpsters seem to want to ignore the failures and and act as if this is The Obama Administration still. 
Long story short, they will never hold Trump accountable. 
All of these nut jobs and racists idiots forget that the country was  going into depression when Obama took over as the President due to Bush's unjustified wars with Iraq and Afghanistan.
Also, Obama had a 60% approval rating which is one of the highest ratings for a departing President in American history . Not to mention the fact that Barack Obama actually took out Osama Bin Laden, which is something George W. Bush swore he would do but never did. If you remember correctly you would know that he went after Saddam Hussein instead, claiming Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

After all of that here is the craziest part. These morons actually believe that just because there was a black President, that means that Black People ran America and now they are determined to take their country back !  They act as if Black People were given some kind of benefits over Whites during Obama's time in office. To be honest Gays are probably the only people that got something from Obama's administration.
If anything, you would think that people as a whole would recognize that Obama stopped this country from going into a full collapse and a complete depression. Nope ! 
It will never happen, racism is a powerful drug.

Even as Trump's approval rating dips into the 30's and he is being cut loose b his own party, the delusional idiots still say this is Obama's fault. 

Here is a list of things that these racists are still saying about Obama even while he is out of office.

  • Obama is the Anti-Christ
  • Obama is gonna Cause World War 3
  • Obama is running ISIS
  • Obama is a Muslim and is connected to 9/11
  • Obama is the cousin of Osama Bin Laden
  • Obama is still the President and Dictator
  • Michelle Obama is a man
  • Barack and Michelle Obama's children are adopted
  • Obama will serve a 3rd term and will reveal he is Satan