Alex Jones is supposedly a libertarian and a man that stands up against the system. What system you might ask ?
The system of injustice and authority figures that treat the people unfairly.
So why is Alex Jones supporting Donald Trump ?
Alex Jones has spent his whole career telling people the New World Order was coming with tanks and Foreign Armies in the street and they would round the people up and put them in Fema Camps.
Now some of you may not remember but I will remind you, when Obama was still the President, this guy Alex Jones told his listeners that Obama was gonna start World War 3 and Obama would become a dictator that would never leave office. I lie to you not, this is all true.
Alex Jones lied on former President Obama every chance he got. Jones continued his anti-police state stance even though it was obvious that he was gathering the right wing Neo-Cons and some just flat out racists.
But none this was clear until Donald Trump was in the hunt for the Presidency. All of a sudden the supposed Libertarian became a Republican that ignored the fact that Trump admitted on Jones's own radio show that he would increase the Police State. Now, I just knew that Alex Jones was gonna tell Trump that the New World Order was evil and he would not support anybody that was in favor of increasing police presence or the police state in America. Nope !
Alex Jones did the exact opposite. He praised Trump and started the Trump is against the New World Order rhetoric.
Now, Trump claimed he was gonna drain the swamp, however, he has done the exact opposite, yet Jones does not call him out on it. If this was Obama in office, Alex Jones would be calling him the Anti-Christ.
Oh, not to mention, Jones actually had a guess on his show that claimed Obama was the Anti-Christ and that he would bring about the end of the world if the Patriots didn't stand up to fight against him.
Yes, this really happened.
I am wondering, do Alex Jones supporters ever question his claims that have not come true ?
No, they just move on to next lie.
End of Part 1
Part 2 Coming soon