After much trash talk from the controversial Radio Show Host, Rush Limbaugh is now evacuating from his home in Florida. He stated that the Hurricane was being used to drum up fear by the media. He claimed the hurricane was ploy by climate change pushers with an agenda. Now he himself is evacuating.

In context: What Rush Limbaugh said aoutHurricane Irma before evacuation
Politi Fact Florida-based radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh angered many as Hurricane Irma approached by suggesting the media was trying to scare people in order to hype a climate change agenda and to … 'Hulk' actor wants Rush Limbaugh tossed to hurricane
World Net Daily ·  The actor who plays “Hulk” isn’t kidding around with his allegiance to a global warming theory that claims humans are changing the Earth’s temperature by driving SUV’s and heating their homes with power … Rush Limbaugh indicates he's evacuating Palm Beach days after suggesting Hurricane Irma is fake news
Chicago Tribune · 3 hours ago Rush Limbaugh recently claimed that the media is manufacturing unwarranted panic about Hurricane Irma as part of a plot to hype climate change, boost ratings and increase advertising revenue from